Iceland Reykjavik 

Hotel: City centre

The hotel was in prime location with all restaurants and bars on your door step. It was a lovely hotel with a nice restaurant inside and small gym. Be warned if you go on a weekend the bars get lively and the music is loud until early hours. Just round he corner is the tourist information centre where you can book all your trips and they are really helpful. Most trips pick you up from the hotel reception which is great! 


Hot springs – This trip was really cool seeing the different hot springs some small some very big be warned don’t get to close some are up to 100 degrees! The main hot spring spouts steaming water 20 metres or so in the air it’s amazing! It does get cold but don’t worry like most trips there is a cafe that sells hot drinks and hot takeaway food. 

Gulifoss or more know as Golden Falls- This place was breathtaking literally! When you arrive here you can either stand at the top view point which is about 100 metre walk or walk down some steep steps to a better view point. Some brace people even step over the mark and walk right down but I would not advise this especially in the winter. As you can telll by my picture it’s freezing so make sure you take the right clothes (unlike me) this is probably the coldest I’ve been in my life! I visited this and the hot springs on the golden circle tour.

Blue Lagoon – this is not far from the airport so even if you ever stop there you can quickly visit the blue lagoon. Just get the basic package as they give yo free mud bath products while your in the water. For the changing rooms you can either swim from inside or be brave and bare the cold. It’s probably the most surreal place I’ve been in giant natural geothermal pool you can see the steam coming off the water from a far. They have small bars in the water you can a selection of drinks and you get free mud masks. It’s funny seeing everyone bobbing around drink in one hand with face masks on. A amazing place and if like me you go as a couple don’t worry there are quiet areas and cos of the steam you can’t see very far in front of you. If you want to take photos go pro is best of buy one of those bags to put your phone in. 

Northern Lights – On arriving we initially planned to go on this trip the following day but our hotel like most I believe let guest know when they are told the northern lights have a high possibility of making a appearance. So we booked the trip which is late at night around midnight the coaches are always full and you go on a drive a hour or so away and if your lucky get to see the amazing natural wonders in the sky. Don’t be fooled into thinking your definitely see them they are a lot rarer then people make out. I met a couple who and tried 3 previous nights and saw nothing but luckily the trips give you free rides until you see them. I went end of January when I know after research it’s strong possibility. They are truest spectacular but also be warned take a high quality camera as iPhones etc won’t capture this lucky for me 2 guys where friendly enough to take photos and as you can see by picture i had to take a picture of their screen! 

If you ever get chance you have to go visit this country amazing place with so many spectacular places to visit. I would personally recommend going in the winter but I have been told summer it’s 24 hours daylight which is cool. Feel free to ask any questions. 

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