I went to Amsterdam for a long weekend in January 2017. From all the stories I had heard about it being a seedy place and everyone just going there for a stag do or to smoke weed I was genuinely surprised. Maybe as I travelled on a Sunday and missed the weekend it might have been slightly quieter.

The flights are so cheap and your literally up then down it roughly takes 50 minutes from London Gatwick. I picked up a return flight for under £50!! 

When I arrived you can pick up a transport card which gives you access to busses and tram lines you can get a 72 hour one which is around 20 Euro and it’s amazing. That is one thing I must highlight the public transport is one of the best I’ve seen. The tram lines are easy to use and are everywhere so walking is limited if you want that. Be wary of he trams though as you could easily get knocked over so have your wits about you.

I stayed at a really nice hotel the WestCord fashion hotel and it was reasonably priced. It’s just outside the central Amsterdam with a tram line located 5 minutes walk from the hotel. Rooms where great and it had a pool and gym to. Use for hotels.

There is also a really nice sky bar in the hotel which unfortunately I did not get to try out but did pop my head in. Sometimes it’s nice to have the option for drinks at your hotel.

I have listed a few things to do in Amsterdam:

The Sex Museum – your in Amsterdam so you have to try this place it’s only 4 euros each and very small so your be in there for 20-30 minutes unless your one to analyse. It’s actually fascinating seeing the history of sex and how far it dates back to. If your going as a couple don’t worry loads of couples go here! 

The I Am Amsterdam sign- there is actually 2 of these and they are always busy so best bet for a great photo is to choose a letter to sit on or in. The sign is one of the classic generic photos people get so you have to go here.

Anne Frank House – If your interested in history this is a must. The famous AnneFrank House, the story of a Jewish family hiding from the Nazi. I would pre book as the Que if you don’t is huge. If you pre book you walk straight in, it’s around 9 euros each. Be aware once inside you are not aloud to take photos unless your very sneaky. The house is pretty cool and the history behind it is fascinating. 

The A’DAM lookout- not many people knew about this when I spoke to people who have been to Amsterdam. I personally would definitely recommend this lookout. You can pre book so you get one free drink on arrival. It’s basically their version of the shard. It’s around 20 Euro each and look over Amsterdam and the right time it can be beautiful and for couples very romantic. You can get the generic photo when you arrive and once up there they have a nice restaurant and bar with seating area all around. There is also a giant swing that hangs over the edge but I wasn’t brave enough for this! To get across to the A’DAM go to the back of the station and get the ferry which is free and runs every 5 minutes. 

The Red light district – If you mention Amsterdam this will always be talked about. Whether your going with friends or in a couple you have to talk a stroll through here. They do guided tours but you can just go yourself which me and my fiancée did. If you want to avoid it when it’s really lively go around 8-9pm when the workers begin to show up. It’s so surreal seeing these women in windows but you have to walk through for sure. I heard a lot about dodgy guys trying to lure you away for drugs then rob you so just be aware of your surroundings me personally I didn’t have one issue or see any of that.

The Canal – when visiting new countries I love walking around you get more a feel for the place and see the world passing by. The scenery is amazing and the canal running through the city gives it a real special feel. There is loads of small bridges to take amazing photos so pick your perfect spot! A lot of people enjoy hiring a classic bike the majority of people in Amsterdam own. 

Food and Cafes – like us I would do your research luckily I have my amazing fiancée for this (the organised one). You can find loads of amazing places to eat and cafes to have to nice snacks and drinks (not just the pot cafes). I personally don’t smoke so stars away from their famous cafes. You will find a few food places in Amsterdam in my food section on my blog.

Any questions about Amsterdam just let me know! 

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