Got2b hair products 

Every man is different when it comes to styling their hair whether it’s the wet look or dry look.

There is so much more men’s hair products around now and it’s hard to find the right one that suits your hair.

My hair is wavy which most people don’t realise. When going out I like to look my best with not a hair out of place. 

I use Got2b styling products to hold my curls. I use the bodyfying cream gel and the blasting freezing spray

My Routine

After I come out the shower I dry my hair and straighten it using the hair dryer. Once in place I then take a small handful of the bodyfying cream gel this gives the affect of thicker looking hair but only use a small amount. I then use the hairdryer and comb to push hair into place now the bodyfying cream gel is in. Once it’s in place I finish the hair off with the blasting freeze spray. Trust me when I say this your hair will not move even in the wind and when sweating. People always ask me how it stays in place after a workout or at football training. I swear by this hairspray.

You can find these products in Superdrug and all the supermarkets so it’s easy to find. They also do mini versions if you travel to. 

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