Nova London 

A Uk based clothing brand who pride themselves with prestige attire & quality clothing but at affordable prices.

These guys sent me over the pink shirt and the khaki trucker cap. The T shirt is £26.99 the hat is £14.99 so both great prices.

The shirt is such a good fit! I’m all about T shirts showing off your physique. Pink can be a hard colour to wear for men but I think the white stripe down the sleeve and small logo breaks it up and it’s really nice. A lot of people complemented this pink T shirt.

The hat is one of the highest quality I have had so far and again people keep asking me where I got this from. You can tell these guys put effort into making their clothes.

Shop with link below and get 10% off with your first order enjoy guys!

Also give them a follow and show support on their Instagram. 

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