Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa


Well where to begin with this amazing hotel….

From the moment we checked in I could tell this place would be special. It’s located on a huge resort with its own complimentary private bus that takes you to all the hotels around the resort. 

While checking in they provided lots of information on restaurants to go to and things to do that are a must while staying in Maui. The resort is huge so you will need a map but you will soon get used to your surroundings. The Staff were really helpful from the moment we stepped in to the hotel. They also gave us Leis on arrival which is traditional greeting in Hawaii. 

The room was absolutely spotless and had everything you need. The guys will bring your bags down and again they are super friendly, so be nice and tip them! I did manage to upgrade for the last few days of my stay and it made all the difference! The view from the balcony was just insane it was like looking at a painting you have to see it to believe it.

Stepping outside was like walking into paradise, the palm trees and pool with the beach a stone throw away. There are a few pools to choose from; the main one has a waterfall leading through to the cave bar this pool is always very busy. There is also a kids pool the other side by the slide. I stayed around the Hyatt regency club pool most of the time as it was more of a relaxed vibe. There is also a small ‘adults only’ inifty pool looking out to the sea which is amazing! But get there early to claim your bed although you can reserve at a cost. 

The beach is not private so no sun loungers but you can take the towels anyway and it’s rarely busy. I would definitely recommend hiring a beach cabana for the day it makes all the difference. You have your own waiter that brings ice cold water on a regular basis and gets anything else you want at an extra cost. Even though I love the beach it’s a nightmare laying on the towels, sand just sticks everywhere! The cabana is the way forward. The beaches are pure white sand and if I could recommend anything it would be to lay down near 7ish and watch the sunset. It was honestly the most breaktaking thing I’ve ever seen in my life! 

The hotel has everything you need. 

– Fitness… If your in to your fitness like me then it has a gym over looking the beach. Be warned this gets busy as Americans also love their fitness!  It has a spa you can use for $25 each it’s really nice with a luxury feel located next door to the gym. I used the spa to shower etc on my last day as we had to check out early as late check out was not possible. 

– Food… It has a few restaurants on site, I would highly recommend Japengo and I will be doing another blog post on this restaurant. They play live music at the restaurants which gives it a really nice atmosphere. Son’z steakhouse/ swan court breakfast are the same restaurant and the setting is spectacular so peaceful with the lake with Swans, ducks and flamingos in. Food wise I preferred Japengo I didn’t try the breakfast in swan court so could not comment. They have pool side bars that do happy hour so if your after a snack during the day I’d wait until happy hour for discounted food and drink on selected items. Unfortunately I didn’t try the grotto bar it’s hidden away in the cave which is so cool. You must try the Hawaiian shaved ice so refreshing and really cool it’s located by the main pool with a few colourful benches to sit on and enjoy the view of the sea.

– Entertainment… like I said before they always have live singers/ musicians in the restaurants in the evening. Round the bars they play music throughout the day and have television screens if your missing your sports. A big highlight of the hotel is Drums of the Pacific. You get guests from all over the island come to this show. They have their traditional dances and fire acts everything you think of from Hawaii culture. Again I didn’t get to do this but this was out of choice I walked past a few times and it looked incredible but for the price it didn’t tempt me enough. They sit you on big benches with other guests and I think the food is basic but again I didn’t go so I might have missed out! Believe it or not this hotel even has parrots and penguins!! Real crowd pleaser especially for the kids you can watch them feed the penguins in the morning. I must admit every time I walked past I had to stop and admire them. They are so cute and funny to watch.

– Shops… the hotel has shops everything you need and more. So you can grab yourself some souvenirs, coffee or go book a trip. They also have local stools come in on certain days to sell traditional Hawaii souvenirs.

I could go on forever about this hotel honestly best place I have been in my life! The sunsets is the most memorable thing I must say and so romantic. So anything from honeymoon to family holiday this hotel has it all. The staff are the friendliest I’ve ever come across in any hotel I’ve stayed in.

I will be doing further right ups on the restaurants and the island itself. I’m also working on a YouTube video which will be released soon on the hotel.

For more information use the link below and hopefully you get to stay at this hotel one day.

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