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It was great to receive the Mankind Grooming Box ‘The Confidence Edition’ this is full of skin and hair essentials with brands such as Nanogen, Neville and TIGI.

I was intrigued to try some of these products as I am always experimenting to see whats out there for men. 

For me my hair is a big thing and I love to keep it looking good. The Nanogen shampoo and conditioner 5-in-1 was great I only had to use this once for my hair products to be rinsed out. Usually it takes me 2 or 3 attempts  to get my hair products out. This Nanogen shampoo and conditioner is also a thickening treatment which lets face it all guys want to have thick hair for life. 

I also used the Jack Black Sleek Finish Texture cream to help style my hair. I used this product on my hair when it was slightly damp then used a comb and hairdryer to style it into place. You only need a small amount and rub it into your hands then thoroughly rub it into your hair. This product uses organic ingredients so all really good proteins and vitamins for your hair.

When it comes to shaving I rarely clean shave. For a start I can’t grow a full beard never have done all my life. So what I do have I just use keep graded, trimming it weekly. For me when I do this it’s really important to have a clean face and get rid of any dead or dirty skin. So I have been using the Neville Rescue scrub. This product is great to use before shaving. It has volcanic and corn granuals to exfoliate & Cocoa butter to soften the skin. All you have to do is wet your skin apply a small amount and apply all over your face massaging it in. Then simply rinse it off with warm water. I then rinse with cold water to close my pores dry my face then I’m ready to shave. Really enjoy using this product weekly.

Link below to the Mankind Grooming box only £25 hope you guys enjoy it as much as me.

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