Year dot clothing 

One of my friends put me in touch with this Brand who have recently launched and I’m glad he did. 

As you all know I’m always searching for new brands especially ones in the UK. These guys have something special not only is their logo different and unique. They have limited edition T shirts with numbers and rose coloured print. I chose 26 as pictured wearing on this post. I went for medium. they are slim fit so if yir broad I would suggest go for the large. I’m over 6ft and the medium was the perfect length. The limited edition T shirt is £30 which is a good price considering you won’t see anyone else wearing this and that’s what we want right? To be destinctive and to be the first to have something. 

I’ve also got their black signature T which I will add to this post at a later date but I haven’t had chance to take a great shot. As soon as it arrived I wore this T shirt on a night out which tells you I must have liked it a lot. 

Shop using link below and for 15% off use my discount code ‘finnerz15’

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