So glad I had the chance to work with Tom Cridland a very unique brand. They are a sustainable fashion brand known all over the world.

They made clothes for the likes of Leanardo DiCaprio, Kendrick Lemar and Daniel Craig. The list of top celebrities goes on and just shows what a huge brand they are. 

They have their 30 year collection which all the clothing is guaranteed for 3 decades! Tom Cridland also have a great collection of trousers.

I chose to try one of the Entrepreneur’s shirts. For me you can’t go wrong with a smart white shirt so I went for the Dove white shirt. As soon as this shirt arrived I can tell it’s made with real high quality and is going to last. You can mix this up wearing this shirt as a more casual look or a smart look. The shirts cost ¬£80 but as I stated already they will last for a long time so it’s worth it. 

Link to the shirt I’m pictured wearing 

Dove White Shirt

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