Portray Clothing

Is a UK clothing brand based in Manchester. For me finding casual wear that not only makes you feel good but look good is hard. That’s why I chose Portray clothing. Their clothes are not only so comfortable but the quality is kept really high. 

A lot of brands tend to over complicate their designs where as portay keep it simple which I really like. They use the finest British quality fabrics and their clothing has the elasticity to adapt to your body type as you can see in my pictures the fit is perfect.

The tracksuit and top I chose are one of the softest materials I’ve ever felt I literally wear them all the time! I can honestly say I have never come across a brand with such comfort. 

Portray has also been approved to supply in the ASOS market place! It’s not just a men’s brand either they also do women’s clothing and work with some huge bloggers. 

Shop using the link below and keep your eyes out for payday discount codes.

Mallard Long Sleeve T £24.99

Finch half zip hoodie beige £34.99 & Loon track joggers beige £34.99

Give them a follow on Instagram @portrayclothing 

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