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If you follow me on Instagram  @finnerz321 you would have seen my story capturing moments of my recent treatment on Wednesday 16th called miraDry+ at the revere clinic based in Northwood.

miraDry+  is a new, safe, clinically proven, FDA-cleared solution.  This is a sweat busting advanced treatment with a triple action procedure which PERMANENTLY eliminates underarm sweat, odour and reduces underarm hair. This means no more embarrassing sweat patches and no need to use antiperspirants. It only takes one treatment!!! so this was perfect for me. As a regular gym user and always rushing around from place to place I hated ever getting sweat patches, now I will be completely free and can wear what I want without being self-conscious. I am not an excessive sweater I chose to do this because personally I just hate having sweat patches and constantly having to use antiperspirants.

How does it work?

Using precisely controlled electromagnetic energy, the quick non-invasive procedure is customised for each patient’s underarm based on where their sweat glands reside. During the treatment, to ensure maximum results, a slight suction action brings the skin and glands closer to the surface and miraWave energy is delivered directly to the sweat glands. The energy targets the interface between the skin and underlying fat, heating the sweat glands and eliminating them for good, while a cooling fluid flows through the device, protecting the epidermis from excess heating.

My Experience

Let me just say the guys at the Revere clinic are amazing and so friendly. The revere clinic is also really nice inside very high-end feel to it. Make sure when you go to have this treatment you shave your underarms the night before if you do it on the day they will be more sensitive. I arrived at 2pm and started off with a one to one with the doctor going trough any concerns I had and running me through the treatment. Once I was ready I went to a private room where they applied cream to each underarm. The cream had to settle for about 20 minutes during this time I watched some netflix relaxing on the bed. They then had to insert the anesthetic this is the worst part of the treatment. They have to do this to numb each underarm but don’t worry it’s over in minutes just a few pricks each side. Once I was unable to feel the needle and both underarms where completely numb they could start the miraDry treatment. The treatment itself does not hurt at all you cannot feel a thing. Think of hoover against your skin that is what it is like but obviously you cannot feel it. The small pump is a like a suction and basically acts like a microwave burning your sweat glands away. Each side takes about 25 minutes and you can just lay back and watch TV while having this done. Once done they will give you an ice packs to help stop the swelling.

I was out of the clinic by about 16:30 so was there for just over 2 hours. I was fine to drive home but the Dr did advise once the anesthetic had worn off (usually 2 hours after treatment) the first 24 hours are the worst. She told me to expect a burning sensation a bit like sun burn but I can honestly say it was fine. It was not bad at all I actually slept really well. I just kept placing the ice packs under my arms through out the evening. Exect slight bruising and swelling for 1-2 weeks.

I think this treatment will be huge I follow a lot of bloggers & z list celebs who regularly use botox for their underarms but that only gets rid of the sweat for a limited time. Botox in the underarm does not get rid of the odour and you have to go back every 3-6 months for a top up to stop the sweat. Why do that when you can have a one-off treatment and be sweat & odour free for good!

Feel free to contact me with any questions and have a read of the doctors write up below.


Dr Sach Mohan, Cosmetic Physician at the Revere Clinic:

It’s commonly misunderstood that the purpose of sweating is to “flush out toxins”, but actually sweat is 99% water with a bit of salt, urea and protein thrown in – sweating doesn’t detoxify the body, the liver and kidney do. Instead, our sweat’s function is to cool us down and stop us from overheating. Depending on genetics, humans have between 2-5 million sweat glands in total. We have two types of sweat gland, eccrine and apocrine – the former are densest on our hands, feet and head, and are a primary method of cooling. The latter, apocrine sweat glands, are responsible for body odour as they release a thicker, fattier form of sweat which odour-causing bacteria feed on, and are not important for cooling in humans. These are primarily located in our armpits and genital area.

miraDry targets both types of glands, to stop both wetness and odour. As the armpits are responsible for a very small proportion of our temperature regulation, eliminating these glands doesn’t cause any interference with our body’s ability to cool itself down. You won’t experience extra sweating elsewhere – again, the function of sweating is simply to cool our bodies and the armpits aren’t important for this.

Now to your first question! There are numerous reasons why someone without hyperhidrosis may prefer a permanent solution like miraDry to a temporary solution like deodorant or antiperspirant. For example, the average person uses 254 cans of deodorant in their lifetime. That’s a lot of chemicals, a lot of expenditure and a lot of inconvenience over the course of a lifetime, and the safety of certain ingredients in deodorants and antiperspirants, such as aluminium and parabens, have been called into question.

miraDry can liberate even moderate sweaters from the cycle of deodorant or antiperspirant use, leaving you free to engage in whichever activities you choose without worrying about body odour, wet patches or the health and environmental impact of a lifetime’s deodorant use.

Cost of treatment £1,496 treatment is available at selected areas

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