So today’s post is all about my travel essentials which I will always take away with me. As we know we are only allowed liquids under 100ml in our travel luggage and generally I only have travel luggage on city breaks.

Everything is just as important in my grooming routine and when I go away it’s no different.


Firstly to style my hair into place I need a good hair dryer. I know most hotels have them but let’s face it they can be cheap with no power and the last thing I want is rubbish hair. I always take my ghd travel hairdryer with me. It’s perfect and folds away nicely. You can pick one up for under £60 it’s worth the investment. This would also make a great Christmas gift.

Travel size Got2b Schwarzkopf blasting freeze spray. No matter where you go &I no matter what the weather is like this stuff is holding your hair in place. It does exactly what it says freezes the hair. You don’t need to use that much and for me the smaller one is actually easier to style my hair with. This will be available at most airports if you do forget but your best buying this from Superdrug or one of the big supermarkets to save money.

I mainly use the hairspray to style my hair but in order to always keep the side of my hair and any baby hair in place I use a small amount of American crew fiber. If you like the naturally look then this fiber is the best out there.

Sachajuan shampoo and conditioner are the best out there. As I am always using products to style my hair I need something to wash it out but also keeping it in good condition and stopping it getting damaged. Sachajuan won awards this year at the GQ grooming awards so that tells you this is a great product and brand. They retail for £11 each but it’s definitely worth it. Your hair will feel so smooth and refreshed.


For a city break you don’t need loads of fragrances so I just take my favourite one which is a 100ml. I love this fragrance from gentlemen’s tonic it’s called Sinsa and retails around £100.  If you have not tried it you definitely should!


When you travel or go on city breaks we are forever trying to fit everything in. This means late nights and early mornings so you can end up looking tired but I use the below products to help wake my eyes up. The Optrex sparkling eyes gives your eyes that glow I use 2 small drops in the morning in each eye. The next product is great I use it everyday to be honest. The bulldog eye roller just roll this under each eye and helps get rid of the tired puffy eyes and wakes your eyes up. What I do with both these products is store them in the fridge or at the hotel the mini bar.


I don’t always use this when I’m away but just in case I want to treat myself to a face mask I use the Blaq face mask. It’s easy to use just apply wait 20 minutes and peel off. It’s gives you a deep clean and you can see the black heads it has pulled out. Retails for £14.99

La Roche Posay Effaclar duo this moisturiser has been life changing. I’ve spent years searching for the right product for my sensitive skin and since using this I have not changed. The Effaclar duo comes with me everywhere and is always apply every morning or after every shower. This retails at around £12. Our moisturiser is key to great skin! We all want to stay looking young and spot free don’t we?


Everyone brushes their teeth (I hope) so choice of toothpaste is important for me. I like to look after my teeth and want them nice and white but also fresh breath. I use the travel sized Arm & Hammer advanced whitening. It’s a great product and really does keep my teeth looking white. 


I don’t actually have a favourite shower gel at the moment so it’s a case of buy on the go for this so if anyone has some good ones to use under 100ml please let me know.

After showering or having a bath it’s so important to moisturise our body. A lot of people forget to do this and just moisturise their face. I use gentlemen’s tonic travel sized body moisturiser. You only need a small amount and it will cover most of your body. This actually comes in a travel kit for £29.99 this would be a nice Christmas gift.

The last product I take is my BaBylis beard trimmer. We always need one to have that quick trim to make us look that little bit sharper. I currently use the babyliss trimmer. It’s easy to use and has multiple grades without having to change heads. It’s only £24.99 in Superdrug and you can find this in Argos. It’s honestly one of the best ones I’ve used.

If you guys have any questions or feedback please let me know!

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