Christmas Gift Guide 2019



One of the best and most well know fragrances around – Creed Aventus. It’s the best selling men’s fragrance in the history of the House of Creed. It was launched in 2010 to celebrate their 250th anniversary, Aventus celebrates strength, power, vision and success


This rich and iconic Eau de Parfum combines tantalising fruity head notes of Calville Blanc apple, blackcurrant, pineapple and Italian bergamot with a complementary fresh and floral heart of jasmine blossom, birch, juniper berries and patchouli. Rounding off this bold and elegant men’s perfume is the woody base notes of oakmoss, a touch of vanilla and Creed’s signature ingredient, ambergris, for the ultimate olfactive experience

RRP: £265 100ML  Creed Aventus


I have been using the mini styler for the last few years. I have natural curly hair but I think straight hair looks more formal and neater so I like to straighten it most days. You will only ever catch me with the curly hair in bed or when I am hot and sweaty in the gym ha! The slimline 1/2 inch plates, making it the perfect choice for styling short hair, tight curls and fringes. For me they help create the perfect quiff but you can of course use them to create other styles. I travel a lot so the handy protective plate guard helps  me pack up my stylers straight after use while the automatic sleep mode will switch-off your styler if it is not used for 30 minutes.


For most people their hair style is the most important thing when heading out. Whether it was staying at family/ friends or in hotels I started to realise it was best to be prepared and have my own hair dryer. At first I would take a normal size hair dryer but then realised especially when heading to the airport they took up way too much room in my suitcase. The travel dryer is 50% lighter than the ghd air but with 70% of the power. This ultimate travel hair dryer would be a great Christmas gift  at such a reasonable price.



This candle would make a beautiful gift for everyone in the family. A special edition candle presented in a glass decorated with a unique design by Italian artist Gio Pastori. The palm tree’s balsamic notes are heated by the burning woods and made vibrant by tingling and spicy accents. This one has a burning time of 50 hours but you can purchase the bigger (500g) for £122 with a burning time of up to 70 hours. Why not make it extra special and get the exclusive gift wrapping for a really nice unboxing experience.




I have been struggling to find a really good pair of headphones for the gym and my travels. I was hesitant to make the leap to wireless headphones but I am so glad I did since getting the Sony WF-1000XM3 they are incredible! Not only do they look super stylish but they have up to 24 hours of battery life! What is truly amazing is the digital noise cancelling with HD noise cancelling processor and dual noise sensor technology. You can even use the quick attention function to stop the music when speaking to someone without removing the headphones. They would be a very nice Christmas gift for anyone who loves music.

RRP: £220 WF-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones


The Graphite G3, is your solution to all-in-one styling.  I have been using it for a bout a month now. I keep my beard very short so like it well trimmed. With six versatile attachments take care of your grooming routine. The Dual Adjustable Comb allows you to cut your beard and hair between 2-20mm and create a variety of looks from short to long beards and hairstyles. The Linear NEE Trimmer keeps your nose, eyebrow and ear hair tidy and taken care of. Work the 3-day stubble look using the 1.5mm Comb or for body hair maintenance use the 3mm Comb. If precision trimming is more your style, you can use the TST Precision Trimmer to leave you with micro stubble. This would be a great stocking filler for your dad/brother or partner.

RRP: £29.99 Remington G3 Graphite Series Trimmer


Who does doesn’t want nice white teeth for the perfect smile. I have tried a few teeth whitening products and services but found they are always short term The STYESMILE toothbrush whitens your teeth as you brush and starts to work within 4 weeks. It is quick and easy to use and is hydrogen peroxide free! It’s none sensitive on teeth which is great as mine are usually very sensitive. It is also Dentist approved.

STYLSMILE toothpaste includes the whitening ingredient called Phthalimido- peroxy-hexanoic acid (PAP). PAP targets the un-natural double bonds which cause tooth discolorations. It dissolves the stains in the enamel safely and effectively, to whiten your teeth. Many whitening kits use course abrasives to wear away the enamel. The STYLSMILE allows Fluoride particles in the toothpaste to be absorbed into the enamel to renew the tooth surface. This gives you stronger and whiter teeth.

The sonic STYLSMILE vibrates at 32,000 vibrations per second for teeth that look and feel clean.  The STYLSMILE Toothbrush has blue lights in the brush head. These lights energise and accelerate the PAP whitening process.


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