So guys if you follow me closely on Instagram you will know that I have recently bought my first house in Surrey. They say one of the most stressful things in your life is moving. Until you start packing all your belongings you don’t realise how much stuff you actually have! On the moving day I had 2 options either rent a van and ask my friends to help with the lifting or look into hiring a removals company. Vans are not cheap to rent plus you have to put down a deposit for the insurance so I thought it makes sense to hire professionals and insurance will be included. Have you guys ever heard of fantastic services? I decided to go with these guys, I have used fantastic services before for cleaning my house so I had a look on their website for removals. They actually offer a great service which can include a clean after the property is empty which is really good especially if you have been renting before.

My advice when packing is to invest in boxes and bubble wrap. Boxes are a lot easier to move around and will protect valuables more. I labelled all my boxes and ensured any glass or fragile pieces were bubble wrapped. I found the best method was to label things by room so when it came to unpacking I knew exactly where the boxes would go….it makes moving a lot easier trust me!

Fantastic Services sent over 2 guys in the lorry and provided me with 5 hours worth of labour. They arrived on time and did everything for me. I did not have to lift anything! I could not believe how quick and sufficient the guys were. They ensured everything was stacked in the lorry correctly and nothing was damaged. My new house is in a very tricky location tucked away on a country road. What I liked about the Fantastic services team is they took their time and did not rush the job. From previous experience removal guys usually just try to chuck it all in and out of the lorry as soon as possible. The fantastic services guys put everything in the correct rooms as well and did not just dump it all in one room. They really went that extra mile for us. I highly recommend using these guys if you are planning to move or if you need other home services. I have listed everything they offer below along with the link to their website.

Fantastic Services 

‘The one stop shop for all home services’

  • Removals and Storage
  • Cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Tradesmen
  • Pest Control
  • Waste Removal
  • Appliance Repair



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