I have always thought about getting Botox as it seems to be so common these days but I never thought I would have the courage to go through with it. I was contacted by Harley Clinics and Joelle was so informative regarding the treatment which made me so at ease about booking my appointment with them.
We all have our insecurities and I am no different; especially as I am always in front of the camera. I think people just assume because I take so many photos of myself and blog about my life that I don’t have any insecurities. A lot of people would hide it or be ashamed to tell anyone but I don’t see why you should. This treatment does wear off eventually so it is not permanent but for me it has made me feel a lot more confident in myself.
Screenshot 2017-06-09 14.20.46
On arrival I was greeted by the lovely Joelle who took me in to have my consultation with Dr Tristan Mehta. The Doctor talked me through the treatment making sure I was happy to proceed.  I had botulinum toxin (aka ‘Botox’) from Bocouture by the farmaceutical company Merz Aesthetics. I just had a standard dose for the 3 areas. I originally was supposed to get botox in my forehead but I ended up getting a small amount around my eyes and just above my lip. Do not be worried about the needles either they are tiny and when they are injecting you it will feel like a pin prick..
You can read more in this Interesting article about ‘Botox’: Botox-vs-Fillers
£120 for up to 3 areas of ‘Botox’ outside of London and £150 for up to 3 areas of ‘Botox’ in London.
£120 for 1ml of dermal filler outside of London and £150 for 1ml of dermal filler in London.
They have clinics in Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, London and Stockton-on-Tees.

Website: Harley Academy ClinicsFollow Harley Academy Clinics Here

I will definitely be revisiting Harley Academy Clinics for some more treatment this year. Feel free to ask me any questions regarding the treatment and clinic.






Christmas is my favourite time of year – everyone is in a happy mood, what is not to love?! We get to spend time with family & friends, the decorations, the parties, eating so much food and of course the presents! We all like to get something we want for Christmas but for me seeing someones face light up when they are opening a gift you got them is priceless.

If you’re anything like me and haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet here is my Christmas gift guide.


If you’re looking to treat yourself or a loved one to a little luxury this Christmas then head over to Aspinal Of London. Everything about this brand oozes class. I already own the black Boston bag, passport cover, ID wallet & iPhone 7 leather case. The quality of their products are exceptional and all hand crafted.

At Aspinal there is a gift for everyone, whether you want to treat your wife to a nice handbag or your brother to a wallet you are guaranteed to find something. The packaging is incredible and everything is gift wrapped to perfection. I would suggest going to into one of their amazing stores, they have recently opened a new store in Regent street which is absoloutley stunning. You can also get complimentary personalisation on all products which is a really nice touch and makes that gift extra special!


You can shop the products online here.


Looking for a stocking filler? Then check out American Crew, they have some great gift sets in which are perfect for Christmas. Most men’s barbers stock American Crew so you know that their products will be top quality.

I use a few of their products when styling my hair, my personal favourite is the Fiber which gives you a more natural look without a shiny finish. A little goes a long way with this product and it lasts for a while. American Crew have a great range of products and cater for all skin and hair types.

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a good gift set!

You can shop the products online here. 


The Biker Jacket will never go out of fashion and BoohooMAN do some really nice styles at such reasonable prices so you don’t need to break the bank. I wear my biker jackets on a regular basis and I can tell you if I got this jacket as a gift for Christmas I would be really happy. This would make the perfect gift for your partner or brother. I have a lot of BoohooMAN clothes and the fit and quality is great. Don’t forget to check out my latest post wearing this BoohooMAN jacket on my Instagram @finnerz.uk.

You can shop the jacket here.

Price: £40


A camel coat is definitely one of my staple wardrobe items this season. If you go on Instagram they are everywhere! My coat featured in the images above is from Zara and I actually got it for Christmas a few years ago from my mum (she has good style ha!) and it’s still in great condition so that tells you the quality is really good. The coat comes in a nice gift box so it is easy to wrap too. The Zara coats vary but are usually priced around £100.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative then check out New look or ASOS where you can find one for around £60.

You can shop a similar coat from Zara here


Mens accessories can bring an outfit together. I feel lost if I leave the house without wearing one of my watches. I have one for most occasions but can honestly say that my Paul Hewitt watch is definitely one of my favourites. I feel like a watch is a good investment and most guys will get good use of out of their watch wearing them daily.

If you are looking for a main gift then check the Paul Hewitt range out.  The packaging is smart and I am sure your partner or loved one would love one of these watches.  FYI gents they also do beaut women watches. If you go online now they are doing £10 off, see my choice below.

You can shop the watch here 

Watch Grand Atlantic LineBlack Sea Stainless Steel Metal Watchstrap Stainless Steel

Price: £249


Jo Malone offer a huge range of candles and colognes as well as body lotions. The whole range is unisex and all of the scents are great.  There are some really cool limited edition gifts just for Christmas too.

My fiancée loves their products and is forever bringing home something new. I cannot complain though as she keeps the house smelling really nice. I recently tried their award-winning exfoliating shower gel and not only does it smell amazing but the fragrance lasts all day.

The Jo Malone products are also beautifully gift wrapped – making it easier for us guys! The candles / diffusers would make a lovely Christmas gift for someone who might have just moved into a new home or loves luxury fragrance.

You can find their products in John Lewis or visit one of their stores.

You can also shop online here:




So today’s post is all about my travel essentials which I will always take away with me. As we know we are only allowed liquids under 100ml in our travel luggage and generally I only have travel luggage on city breaks.

Everything is just as important in my grooming routine and when I go away it’s no different.


Firstly to style my hair into place I need a good hair dryer. I know most hotels have them but let’s face it they can be cheap with no power and the last thing I want is rubbish hair. I always take my ghd travel hairdryer with me. It’s perfect and folds away nicely. You can pick one up for under £60 it’s worth the investment. This would also make a great Christmas gift.

Travel size Got2b Schwarzkopf blasting freeze spray. No matter where you go &I no matter what the weather is like this stuff is holding your hair in place. It does exactly what it says freezes the hair. You don’t need to use that much and for me the smaller one is actually easier to style my hair with. This will be available at most airports if you do forget but your best buying this from Superdrug or one of the big supermarkets to save money.

I mainly use the hairspray to style my hair but in order to always keep the side of my hair and any baby hair in place I use a small amount of American crew fiber. If you like the naturally look then this fiber is the best out there.

Sachajuan shampoo and conditioner are the best out there. As I am always using products to style my hair I need something to wash it out but also keeping it in good condition and stopping it getting damaged. Sachajuan won awards this year at the GQ grooming awards so that tells you this is a great product and brand. They retail for £11 each but it’s definitely worth it. Your hair will feel so smooth and refreshed.


For a city break you don’t need loads of fragrances so I just take my favourite one which is a 100ml. I love this fragrance from gentlemen’s tonic it’s called Sinsa and retails around £100.  If you have not tried it you definitely should!


When you travel or go on city breaks we are forever trying to fit everything in. This means late nights and early mornings so you can end up looking tired but I use the below products to help wake my eyes up. The Optrex sparkling eyes gives your eyes that glow I use 2 small drops in the morning in each eye. The next product is great I use it everyday to be honest. The bulldog eye roller just roll this under each eye and helps get rid of the tired puffy eyes and wakes your eyes up. What I do with both these products is store them in the fridge or at the hotel the mini bar.


I don’t always use this when I’m away but just in case I want to treat myself to a face mask I use the Blaq face mask. It’s easy to use just apply wait 20 minutes and peel off. It’s gives you a deep clean and you can see the black heads it has pulled out. Retails for £14.99

La Roche Posay Effaclar duo this moisturiser has been life changing. I’ve spent years searching for the right product for my sensitive skin and since using this I have not changed. The Effaclar duo comes with me everywhere and is always apply every morning or after every shower. This retails at around £12. Our moisturiser is key to great skin! We all want to stay looking young and spot free don’t we?


Everyone brushes their teeth (I hope) so choice of toothpaste is important for me. I like to look after my teeth and want them nice and white but also fresh breath. I use the travel sized Arm & Hammer advanced whitening. It’s a great product and really does keep my teeth looking white. 


I don’t actually have a favourite shower gel at the moment so it’s a case of buy on the go for this so if anyone has some good ones to use under 100ml please let me know.

After showering or having a bath it’s so important to moisturise our body. A lot of people forget to do this and just moisturise their face. I use gentlemen’s tonic travel sized body moisturiser. You only need a small amount and it will cover most of your body. This actually comes in a travel kit for £29.99 this would be a nice Christmas gift.

The last product I take is my BaBylis beard trimmer. We always need one to have that quick trim to make us look that little bit sharper. I currently use the babyliss trimmer. It’s easy to use and has multiple grades without having to change heads. It’s only £24.99 in Superdrug and you can find this in Argos. It’s honestly one of the best ones I’ve used.

If you guys have any questions or feedback please let me know!



Everyone wants the perfect smile and great teeth but to do that you have to put just as much effort in as you do with your everyday grooming. Dental care is a big thing for me, I want to do everything I can to avoid those costly dental fees and have a nice smile.

I have recently tried The Breath Co products.

At first I tried the healthy gums oral rinse. Healthy gums are the foundation of a healthy mouth. This mouthwash helps eliminate germs associated with gum disease. I use this every morning but for best result use morning and night. Rinse the mouth for up to a minute and gargle for 30 seconds.


My favourite mouth wash is the fresh breath oral rinse icy mint. Let’s face it nobody wants bad breath especially if your always speaking to people face to face. I personally find even after brushing your teeth in the mornings or after eating something such as garlic you can still taste a hint of bad breath. That’s why this mouthwash is perfect, it gives you that something extra with a cool blast of minty menthol and crisp citrus.

For the best results I would advise using the toothpaste as well. The mild mint toothpaste is dentist approved. It eliminates  the bacteria that causes bad breath & leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

The chewing gum is great for on the go. When I attend blogging events or if I have meetings I always get paranoid about my breath so I always ensure to have some chewing gum. The difference with The Breath Co fresh breath chewing gum is that it lasts longer but also eliminates those stronger odours caused by coffee, onion and garlic.

I highly recommend these products for your dental routine, you can pick them up from boots use the link HERE;

Prices start from £4-£14.99

Let me know what you guys think.



All of bulldogs products are purpose built for men and contain some really good natural ingredients. 

Bulldog has a variety of products targeting all different skin types so don’t worry if you have oily skin or sensitive skin these guys will have something that’s right for you. 

I have tried and tested a number of their products for myself and went for the oil range as my skin, especially the T zone can be oily. 

Oil control moisturiser 100ml £6

This moisturiser is non greasy and it helps matify and improve skin texture. For me this was great as I don’t like thick heavy moisturisers. I use this every morning on my face, it’s important to get into a routine to help your skin. 

Oil control face scrub 125ml £5 

I used the face scrub every other day to get rid of dead skin it’s really important to exfoliate but you don’t want to overdo it as it can be bad for your skin. This Bulldog scrub is formulated with charcoal to help exfoliate. 

Oil control face wash 150ml £4.50

I used this morning and night and could really see the difference in my skin if I used the scrub I wouldn’t use this wash at night. It feels light on the face and perfect for a quick wash. Like the others it contains hazel, willow bark and juniper.

Oil control blemish targeter 15ml £6 

This is great little product to stop those blemishes. If you have any blemishes then put this on at night and let it work it’s magic. It helps fight the blemishes and leaves your skin spot free! I always take this on my travels. Remember you only need to use a tiny amount each time. 

Original Eye Roller 15ml £9.99

This is my pick of the bunch absolutely love this product. If like me you are always busy or forever using your phone, iPad and laptop then this is perfect to wake your eyes up. I keep mine in the fridge and use every morning and if I need to before a night out. The cooling roller ball dispenser makes it easy to apply under the eye. I take this away on trips or overnight stays it’s one of my must items in my grooming bag. 



Gentlemen’s Tonic have stores all around the world. I was lucky enough to visit the Mayfair store for a haircut.

This luxury store is based in the heart of Mayfair, it’s a traditional barber shop and has a variety of lifestyle and grooming services for the modern man. 

The Mayfair store is really classy inside with wood, leather and marble interior. I was greeted by a lady on reception who was very friendly and welcoming offering me a hot or cold drink before my appointment. 

Gentlemen’s tonic have variety of products which were displayed around the shop. I have a few myself which I’m looking forward to trying and will let you guys know how I get on. I did have a quick test of the aftershave Sinsa which smells incredible! 

So when you’re getting your hair cut you have your own private booth with the barber which I thought was pretty cool. Inside the booth you have a tv so you can choose what you watch (I went for music). Mohamed was my barber for the day and let me say he’s not only such a nice guy but a great barber. He really took his time with the cut and was kind enough to even let me take my photos along the way.  To get the style I wanted Mohamed used the Structure strong hold to help bring back the quiff. 

See my pictures below and check them out using the link. 


Also check out their Instagram @gentlemenstonic



I kept seeing charcoal masks all over social media and really wanted to try one myself. I had seen a few other bloggers using the brand BLAQ  and the packaging looked really cool so I ordered the mask tube. This mask targets toxins and draws on impurities. You can get 1 60ml tube for £14 which is very reasonable. You only need to use this a couple of times a week and it’s simple to use. I usually just use this on my T zone but you can put on the whole face but avoid areas with hair. Just leave it on for 15-20 minutes until all dry then simply peel off and you can visibly see the blackheads as disgusting as it sounds that’s what we want to see! I love the fact it’s a smaller tube as for someone who travels a lot I can take this where ever I go. 

Look out for future posts on BLAQ products from me. Shop the mask tube below and let me know what you think. 

Also give them a follow on Instagram @blaq.mask and see my post on my Instagram @finnerz321




Dermot O’Leary has recently launched two fragrances available exclusively in M&S.

I was lucky enough to attend the fragrance launch at the Ned hotel in London. It was great to meet Dermot & let me say he is the nicest guy exactly what you see on TV really down to earth. He spoke about the fragrances and how long he has spent helping create them. It’s great to see Dermot’s enthusiasm when speaking about his products. 

One fragrance is for the day and one for the evening. The day time frangrance consists of Bergamot & Basil this has a citrus twist & undertones of amber. It’s perfect for everyday use. The night time scent is Vetiver & Cedarwood and personally my favourite I have been using this fragrance when going out for meals/ drinks in the evening. Both fragrances are such a bargain at only £22 each for 100ml!! The packaging and bottles both look high end so the price will surprise a lot of people.

Links are below to purchase both fragrances I hope you like them as much as me and let me know your favourite.





Zegna Essenze Spice Persian Saffron 

This Zegna fragrance is really nice I wear this daily without fail. This high end fragrance is crafted from the most prestigious spices known to man. The Persian saffron surrounds the senses with boys of bergamot, precious saffron and ambergris. If you like to smell good then this fragrance is for you.

You can find this in harrods For £156.00



Purifying Charcoal mask 

This one is personally my favourite the active charcoal is rich in minerals and helps clear deep pores and frees the skin from toxins and imperfections. It also contains dragon fruit rich in vitamin C. 

Anti Blemish Mud Mask 

Do you suffer from oily and blemish prone skin? If yes try this one. I find my forehead is always oily so I like to use this product for that area. People think a face mask you have to use it all over but you don’t. Just target the areas you need to with the right product. The green clay and Kaolin in this facial helps cleans the skin and draws out impurities it also revitalises the skin.

Calming Clay Mask 

If you have skin that is sensitive or prone to redness then try this. This product has oatmeal, aloe vera, chamomile extract and rose extract. All of them of them help to reduce skin inflammation. They smooth and calm the skin and provide moisture.

Link below to shop also sold in boots, tesco and Sainsbury’s. You can buy each for £4.99 or usually they do deals 3 for £10 which is great 


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